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Can server UP/DOWN alerts be sent as an SMS or Text Message to my phone?

Yes, if you want to receive alert messages to your phone as an SMS or Text Message, you need to do two things. First, you need to create an alert list. Secondly, you need to edit your user profile and add a mobile number. To access your user profile, click the ACCOUNT link in the […]

Web Application and API Protection Quick-Start Guide

Total Uptime’s Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) is an extremely powerful tool to protect web applications at the edge of the Internet as opposed to right inside your datacenter. The WAF shields your network and applications from the ever increasing number of application-layer attacks and can also aid with compliance, like PCI, by helping […]

Creating a Maintenance Page for Site Uptime

There are times when your website must be taken down for routine maintenance or, in the event of a catastrophic failure of all your servers, must be restored from backup. In either event, a maintenance page is necessary to inform your customers of the reason the site is down and when you expect it to […]