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Create a New Load Balancing Profile

Method:              POST
URI:                      /ALF/LoadBalance/Policy

This method creates a new load balancing profile that you can then attach to a Pack. It requires the following information:

Field Required data
The name of the profile. E.g. “Profile #1”
*Method The desired load balancing method. Supported methods are: roundrobin, leastconnection
*Persistence The persistence method. Supported methods are: none, sourceip
The following fields are required unless “none” is provided above for persistence.
PersistenceTimeout A number in minutes from 1 to 3600
PersistenceIPv4Netmask The IPv4 netmask. E.g. (for a single IP address, or for a /24)
PersistenceIPv6MaskLength The IPv6 netmask. E.g. 128