Network Traffic Routing & Distribution

How do you want to regain control over the network?

Are you looking for a way to quickly and easily control how network traffic is routed to your applications, servers or datacenters?

Are you looking for a way to maintain a high-level of network-based control that your current providers do not offer? Something you can manage yourself, online and instantly?

Do you wish you could implement BGP or Anycast to give you the flexibility to seamless route and fail traffic from one location to another with ease?

Total Uptime makes it all possible...

At Total Uptime, we’re experts in network and traffic routing at the outermost layer where clients or users connect to applications, servers and datacenters. By layering our global, Anycast, high availability network-as-a-service on top of all public-facing systems, you gain complete control in the cloud. And because all we do is at the outermost network level, we actually increase your uptime and availability, not decrease it. Our datacenter-independent cloud platform empowers small businesses to fortune 100 with the tools they need to regain complete and absolute control over the user experience.

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