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  • Government DNS Services

    Government DNS Services

We provide secure DNS for Federal, State, Municipal and other Governments agencies. We support .gov or any other TLD.

Total Uptime Technologies Cloud DNS service helps governments completely eliminate downtime due to DNS outages, DDoS attacks, local disasters and other catastrophic events by utilizing our globally redundant DNS network and enterprise-grade, highly-secure DNS management platform. Our network is monitored 24/7/365 to ensure 100% guaranteed uptime and speedy resolution of your domains.

A robust DNS Service is critical to the success of every online business. As governments increasingly depend on the Internet to deliver services, the importance of their DNS infrastructure and its potential as a single point of failure also increases because DNS is the essential fabric that holds the Internet together.

Our Global DNS Platform

We operate one of the largest performance-based Anycast DNS networks in the world - deployed in 2003 and now with native IPv6 support.

Our cloud DNS platform has numerous name servers around the world utilizing different network providers. What does this mean for our government customers? It's simple: better performance, redundancy, scalability, capacity. We answer billions of DNS queries every single day, handling DNS traffic for small municipalities to states and even the Federal government. More about our network

DNS Failover Automation

Our DNS failover solution ensures your servers and applications are always available to your users - automatically!

We monitor your mission critical servers from multiple geographic locations. You specify how many locations must agree that your server is no longer reachable, and when that happens, we will automatically change your DNS records to reroute traffic to pre-defined servers, eliminating downtime for your customers. This unique methodology ensures that your servers are always available. More about DNS Failover

Government Secure Web-Based DNS Management Portal and API

We've made our entire DNS platform immediately and easily accessible via our web-based management portal. Make changes when you want, and have them instantly propagate our entire global network within a matter of seconds. If you still use your ISP for DNS and have to call or create tickets to make changes, you're going to love this incredible DNS management tool!

Intuitive web-interface

We packed every control you'll ever need into our web-based interface so you can truly self-manage DNS.

Mobile Accessible

Easily make DNS changes from anywhere around the world, even on mobile phones and tablets.

Real-Time DNS Status

Know that the DNS changes you've made have already propagated our global network without guessing.

Native IPv6 Support

Not only do our name servers run native IPv6, but you can create IPv6 records too, like AAAA or reverse

Role Based Security

Create multiple user accounts and assign them to any number of different roles to completely control access.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor account utilization as well as DNS query data that provides real-time graphical reporting of usage by date and time.

Plus other features too, including...

  • Easy Domain Import & Export tools
  • Dual-Factor Authentication
  • Custom Alert Messages to your user lists (for DNS Failover)
  • Sub-accounts for Departments, Divisions or Customers
  • and more...

Add-on features (for a small fee)...

  • Branded and non-branded Partner interface
  • Custom (vanity) name servers with reverse DNS too
  • REST-style API for easy integration
  • Custom BGP of your own IP space
  • Downloadable RAW log files

Government DNS Pricing Options

Choose from one of our most popular packages, or reach out to us for custom pricing. Our pricing for Government is not inflated, and includes a 20% discount for annual agreements and payment.

Standard$23/monthpaid annually $29/mo. paid monthlyTry it free!

Professional$39/monthpaid annually $49/mo. paid monthlyTry it free!

Premium$99/monthpaid annually $125/mo. paid monthlyTry it free!

Enterprise$499/monthpaid annually $625/mo. paid monthlyTry it free!

99.99% 100% 100% 100%
500k 1 million 25 million 100 million
2 10 100 500
100 1k 10k 50k
10 50 100 250
10 50 100
included included included included
included included included included
included included included included
included included included included
included included included included
included included included included

Need a package that is a little different? Just reach out to us! We'll happily customize something for you.

Additional Options:

  • Add extra queries for $15/month per 1 Million
  • Add more domains in 10 domain increments for $10/mo. per 10
  • Add more Failover Pools for $5/mo. each
  • Add GEO DNS (Geographic Routing) for $25/month per GEO pool

Support on your terms - 24xForever

Government should be treated like any other Enterprise. Total Uptime is here when you need us, 24x7x365. Not just by email or through our efficient case tracking system, but you can also speak to a real person by telephone, whenever you want, without limits — unlike some of our competitors. All support is provided around the clock by our US-based Network Operations Center in North Carolina. Reach out to us for help with deployment, configuration assistance, importing data or a critical issue, all at no additional cost. More about our Support