About Total Uptime® Technologies LLC

  • Real people at Total Uptime

At Total Uptime, We keep IT up™
Uptime has never been more important than today.

We radically increase application availability, security, performance and cloud integration.

Total Uptime eliminates the complexity of integrating, securing and managing today’s multi-cloud network. Our customers can proactively monitor and manage application availability, security, performance and automate network corrections to ensure continuous delivery of critical applications in real time.

Whether your IT infrastructure is on-premise, in a private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid, there are significant challenges and costs associated with meeting internal and external customer demands for availability. Even the biggest public cloud providers suffer from frequent outages. We give our customers the tools to mitigate them quickly and easily.

The customers that we serve found us for different reasons:

  • They were frustrated with the rising cost of enterprise hardware and the required maintenance and support contracts to maintain a highly available network
  • They wanted one interface to fully control how traffic was routed from the end-user to their infrastructure, regardless of how complicated their environment
  • They wanted to reduce the staff and training required to keep up with the complexity and speed of which network technology evolves

Enter Total Uptime.  We are a global team of network engineers, software developers and IT veterans passionate about creating simplicity for the most complex enterprise application delivery requirements.  We’ve worked tirelessly to create our cloud availability platform with an all-inclusive managed service approach to give you complete control and insight into the availability, security and performance of your applications.

Fully supported by our team in the United States

Call center in Atlanta, GA - Network Operations Center in North Carolina.

When you first call, you might go through our call center in Atlanta, Georgia, but all customer and technical support is provided by our talented staff in our Network Operations Center (NOC) in North Carolina. Even our Network Operations Center is very redundant like our datacenters. It boasts reliable, underground utility power feeds, standby generators, redundant Internet links, an MPLS network with back-end connectivity to our datacenter platform and off-site hosted VoIP telephony.

We're here when you need us, 24x7x365 (seriously, call us on Christmas day, we'll be here.) Not just by email or through our efficient case tracking system, but you can also speak to a real person by telephone, whenever you want, without limits — unlike some of our competitors. Reach out to us for help with deployment, configuration assistance, importing data or a critical issue, all at no additional cost.

One Contact Support

When it comes to support, we believe in a one-contact policy that provides the highest level of customer care by ensuring a continuous relationship with zero-runaround. We do not have sales people, only highly qualified senior-level cloud solutions engineers who take care of our customers from your first inquiry call to full solution implementation. Of course, our other staff eagerly assists whenever needed, but wouldn't you prefer to work with the same point-of-contact all the time, someone intimately aware of your business requirements and implementation? We thought so too, and that is the basis for our one-contact support system.

Our number one priority is superior customer care, and to that end some of our staff telecommute, allowing them to be more available to Total Uptime customers. Implemented from day one, VoIP and VPN connectivity not only make this strategy seamless, but it provides the side benefit of offsite redundancy where our Atlanta call center can route your needs to our staff wherever they are.

Our global Network Operations Center (NOC) is situated in North Carolina, United States