One Global IP - Full Traffic Routing Control

With GSLB, you can route user traffic exactly where you want it to go. To the closest, best-performing or most appropriate data center, cloud or on-prem device with ease!

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GSLB Routing and Distribution Perfection

Route users exactly where you want them to go. You're in control!

  • True layer 4/7 load balancing and traffic routing
  • GEO IP Proximity-based routing
  • Highly granular multi-device weighting
  • Supports affinity, proximity routing and more
  • Route traffic around network outages, ISP issues and cloud failures
  • Makes any cloud provider highly reliable
  • Integrate on-prem devices, colo servers or any cloud
  • Automate GSLB changes based on health monitoring
GSLB Routing and Distribution Perfection

The Easiest Panel You've Ever Used

We make it incredibly simple to control distributed infrastructure

11 Load Balancing Methods
Distribute traffic based on least connections, least bandwidth, lowest response time, closest proximty and more.

7 Affinity/Persistence Types
Ensure session state by keeping traffic on a device (until it goes down, of course). Choose the type such as source IP, SSL session and more, and customize your time-out.

19 Customizable Health Checks
Reliably and accurately monitor apps and devices anywhere to detect true events that warrant automatic load balancer changes.

The Easiest Panel You've Ever Used

Supports Every Protocol and Port

12 Protocol Types - Unlimited Ports

  • HTTP - for Layer 7 optimization
  • SSL - for offload and acceleration
  • UDP and TCP - using any port you want
  • Other special protocols like DNS, SIP, RTSP etc.

Load balance way more than just web applications! And do it globally!

Reporting & Analytics

Detailed Global Server Load Balancing Stats at a Glance

  • Monitor live traffic data with real-time reporting
  • Review past activity with historic reporting by date, time and geography
  • See bandwidth utilization over time
  • Track device up/down events quickly and easily
Reporting & Analytics

24x7 Support

Supported by the same USA-based team that built the platform
We're always here to help when needed. Phone, email, chat, whatever your preference, you'll be helped by a knowledgeable team that actually cares.

We're even happy to help you set things up through a screen-share, even during a free trial! Does AWS or Azure do that? :)

"Total Uptime support staff was always ready and willing to help within minutes" - John Dullaghan, Director, Product Operations - Informatica

24x7 Support

Designed for Developers too

Total Uptime's REST API allows you to skip the UI, build your own, or simply automate and fit our features into your workflow. Our API offers in-depth documentation and how-to articles. Almost all of the data and functionality within our UI is accessible through the API, so the GSLB possibilities are endless.

See our API documentation
Designed for Developers too

We Put Global in GSLB

No single point of failure
We built our own cloud platform that makes other clouds better! We use Anycast technology so your load balancer is everywhere at the same time and not stuck in a single region or availability zone.

No other global server load load balancer is designed like ours!

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We Put Global in GSLB

All the Enterprise GSLB Features you want

Global Server Load Balancing is a feature of our Enhanced Internet Delivery / ADC-as-a-Service platform
That means you can get all of the features you're looking for!
Session Persistence / Stickiness
SSL Offload and Acceleration
DDoS Mitigation (with WAF)
Custom BGP of your own IP space (add-on)
VPN to your own data center (with Service Mesh)
Multiple user accounts, Role-Based security, Dual-Factor Authentication
and more!

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Enterprise cloud data management company improves control of application traffic and increases security and availability.

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Customer Case Study

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Schedule a No-Pitch Technical Demo
Schedule a No-Pitch Technical Demo
Schedule a No-Pitch Technical Demo
Schedule a No-Pitch Technical Demo
Schedule a No-Pitch Technical Demo
Schedule a No-Pitch Technical Demo
Schedule a No-Pitch Technical Demo
Schedule a No-Pitch Technical Demo
Schedule a No-Pitch Technical Demo

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