Case Study: Load Balancing, WAAP, Cloud VPN

Enterprise cloud data management company improves control of application traffic and increases security and availability.

Informatica is the world’s leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management. Their vision is to unleash the power of data, fueling the digital transformation that is helping new ideas see the light of day. The company partners with clients in cloud integration and innovation, and their analytics and insights demonstrate the disruptive power of data. Informatica works in a wide variety of Industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, retail, utilities, and the public sector.

“Our team found that implementation went very smoothly, and Total Uptime support staff was always ready and willing to help within minutes”

– John Dullaghan, Director, Product Operations

The Challenge

Disaster Recovery is critical to the success of any information-based organization. That’s why information technology managers must put all the pieces in place so that they are ready for the worst case scenario.

Informatica was looking to implement the last piece of their Disaster Recovery plan for their Data-as-a-Service offering. They needed an intelligent cloud-based traffic routing and load balancing component to provide seamless re-direction of customer-facing traffic from their primary datacenter in Raleigh NC to an alternate site and public cloud providers Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Additionally, the solution had to support VPN tunnels between all sites with a high degree of availability and failover automation.

Informatica researched several solutions but they were either too complex, potentially requiring specialized network talent on staff, or capital intensive, such as load balancer or ADC appliances. With their hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud architecture, the solution had to be simple and reliable, yet easy to integrate.

The Solution

The solution for Informatica was to deploy the Layer 7 Cloud Load Balancer with Web Application and API Protection and Multicloud Networking. The service sits on top of Total Uptime’s global multi-data center platform allowing them to easily secure and route all incoming client connections. For a company specializing in Data-as-a-Service, this is a significant advantage.

Were there bumps in the road getting the Total Uptime service operational? “Our team found that implementation went very smoothly, and Total Uptime support staff was always ready and willing to help within minutes” said John Dullaghan, Senior Manager, Product Operations.

John says that the new service has made a significant difference. For instance, they can now seamlessly switch traffic between servers at will, regardless of their location, and even take them down for planned or unplanned maintenance without customer impact. What’s the end result? Increased availability, security and reliability.

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