Cloud Load Balancing That Doesn't Suck

  • Cloud Load Balancing that Doesn't Suck

Ensure availability and performance with a REAL hardware-based load balancer

Don't waste time with those "virtual" load balancers other cloud providers offer. Our Cloud Load Balancer gives you complete control over network traffic on the Internet before it gets to your data center or cloud. Use it for load balancing, failover or disaster recovery. It is completely datacenter independent so your infrastructure can be anywhere.

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No Single Point-of-Failure

We built our own cloud platform that makes other clouds better! We use Anycast technology so your load balancer is everywhere at the same time.

Our cloud platform resides in 17 countries utilizing hundreds of different network providers. What does this mean for our customers? It's simple: Better performance, redundancy, scalability, capacity. We route traffic for small businesses on up to some of the world's largest corporations. More about our network

Extreme Traffic Routing Flexibility

It isn't just for load balancing. We support failover or disaster recovery too.

By using any of our 19 advanced monitors, we determine the health of your servers, applications or datacenters, and you control when to send traffic from one location to another. Server "groups" can consist of one server / IP address or multiple servers / IP addresses. You can build a group that load balances traffic to multiple servers, and then fails over to an alternate group. You can even create multiple levels of failover too. The configuration options are numerous! More about Failover & DR

Load Balancing and Failover Without Using DNS

Because all traffic proxies through our cloud platform, routing changes are made instantly and completely. No more waiting for a TTL to expire.

The Cloud Load Balancer adds a new layer of high availability and performance to applications by routing traffic using our global IP Anycast network. You are assigned a Cloud IP Address (just like an appliance load balancer's virtual IP) that is published permanently in your existing DNS zone. All traffic is routed to the cloud IP, and when it lands on our network, we proxy it to the real servers behind the scenes. When traffic needs to be redirected, it happens immediately without the client seeing any DNS change because your IP address never changes. See how it works with our infographic

Traditional Load Balancing vs. our Cloud

We're more than an appliance in a datacenter. We're a globally distributed platform of mirrored & redundant routing infrastructure.

Load Balancing has been around for many years. When most people think about Load Balancing, they think of an appliance, such as those from Cisco, F5, Citrix, Barracuda and others. These devices typically sit in a server rack and distribute traffic among the servers directly connected to it. We have similar, but better, capabilities. In fact, we're a pretty impressive layer 7 load balancer, we just load balance in a different location — before the datacenter, not in the datacenter. More about Traditional vs. Cloud

Secure Web-Based Cloud Management Portal

We've made our entire Cloud Load Balancing platform immediately and easily accessible via our web-based management portal. Make changes when you want, and have them instantly propagate our entire global network within a matter of seconds. Here are just a few of the features...

Intuitive web-interface

We packed every control you'll ever need into our web-based interface so you can truly take control.

Mobile Accessible

Easily make changes in the cloud from anywhere around the world, even on mobile phones and tablets.

19 Advanced Monitors

Reliably and accurately monitor your infrastructure in order to detect true outages that warrant redirection.

10 Protocols, Unlimited Ports

Choose any pre-defined protocol (straight UDP/TCP too, of course), and any port you want. We even support ANY/ANY.

Session Persistence

We fully support session-state aware load balanced applications with many persistence options to choose from.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor live and historic traffic data with our real-time graphical reporting by date, time and geographic origin.

Plus other included features...

  • Upload SSL Certificates and enable SSL Offload
  • Custom Alert Messages to your user lists
  • Dual-Factor Authentication for extra security
  • Custom Reverse DNS for IP addresses
  • and more...

Add-on features (for a small fee)...

  • DDoS Mitigation Tools
  • Dual-Factor Authentication
  • REST-style API
  • Custom BGP of your own IP space
  • Cloud Bridge to your Datacenter(s)

Cloud Load Balancer Pricing and Package Options

Choose from one of our most popular packages, or reach out to us for custom pricing.

Standard$23/monthpaid annually $29/mo. paid monthlyTry it free!

Professional$39/monthpaid annually $49/mo. paid monthlyTry it free!

Premium$99/monthpaid annually $125/mo. paid monthlyTry it free!

Enterprise$499/monthpaid annually $625/mo. paid monthlyTry it free!

99.99% 100% 100% 100%
1 1 3 10
1 10 20 100
1 3 8 50
2 15 50 500
5 25 200 1500
1 TB 2 TB 8 TB 25 TB
100 Mbps 250 Mbps 1000 Mbps 10 Gbps
2k req/s 10k req/s 25k req/s 100k req/s
included included included
included included included
- 250 trn/s 625 trn/s 2500 trn/s
- included included included
included included included included
included included included included
included included included included
included included included included
included included included included

Need a package that is a little different? Just reach out to us! We'll happily customize something for you.

Additional Options:

  • Add extra public IPv4 addresses for $25/month each*
  • Add extra public IPv6 addresses for $0.10/month each*
  • Add extra load balancer configs for $5/month each*
  • Add extra real servers for $1/month each*
  • Add extra traffic for $0.15/GB*
  • Increase your throughput cap (contact us)
  • Add regional control for $49/month per cloud IP**
  • * Need a lot? Volume discounts are available
  • ** By default the load balancer allows you to create a single global configuration that determines how traffic is routed for all clients/users regardless of where they are located around the world. For 99% of our customers, this is the desired operation. However, if you operate multiple data centers and would like users from APAC to go to one data center (perhaps one that is closer to them), users from the USA to another, users from the EU to another and so on, all using the same global Anycast cloud IP, it is possible. The regional control feature provides that level of functionality for a flat $49/month (or $468/year) per public cloud IP regardless of which package you subscribe to. Ask for further details!

Support on your terms - 24xForever

Total Uptime is here when you need us, 24x7x365. Not just by email or through our efficient case tracking system, but you can also speak to a real person by telephone, whenever you want, without limits — unlike some of our competitors. All support is provided around the clock by our US-based Network Operations Center in North Carolina. Reach out to us for help with deployment, configuration assistance, importing data or a critical issue, all at no additional cost. More about our Support