Network Failover / High Availability

Our load balancer supports more than just active/active... it can do active/passive too.

Automatically redirect traffic to an alternate IP address, server or entire datacenter with our Network Failover add-on to Cloud Load Balancing. Our sophisticated IP Failover technology is designed to seamlessly and automatically send traffic to alternate destinations, virtually eliminating customer impact.

By actively monitoring the health of your servers, applications or datacenters, you control when to send traffic from one location to another. A pool can consist of one server or IP address or pools of servers and IP addresses. You can even specify tertiary failover pools and specify different weight values for the servers or IPs within a pool. The configuration options are numerous, and it all happens instantly because DNS does not need to change.

Seamlessly failover from one site to another with the active/passive failover functionality in Cloud Load Balancing


Increase Application Uptime

By implementing an automated failover solution, you can almost instantly redirect traffic from one site to another, increasing the availability of your application to end-users.

Failover Without Updating DNS

Just like a real load balancer, routing changes are made in the cloud without updating DNS. This makes switching from one server or datacenter to another fast and complete.

Datacenter Independent

It doesn't matter where your servers or datacenters are. We can fail from one location to another. This allows you to implement true vendor redundancy for your applications.

Boosts Your Bottom Line

It's a proven fact that when sites are down, people can’t find you. That means no purchases and, even worse, lost confidence in your company or brand! Uptime always = better returns.

See how we make it easy to configure active/passive Failover

We’ve created an extremely easy-to-use web-based management portal, so you can configure and tweak your settings all night long. We give you full control to log-in and make changes whenever you want, ensuring your servers are available 24/7.

Watch this quick video and configure failover fast

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Network Failover is a feature of our Cloud Load Balancing Service.
Learn more about this service, our cloud platform, intuitive web-based management interface, pricing, 24x7 support and more by visiting our Cloud Load Balancing overview page.