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We're the leading provider of network-as-a-service solutions, operating the largest datacenter-independent anycast network in the world.

Our customers look to us to help them improve uptime and availability. Our line-up of DNS, Load Balancing and Firewall solutions do just that by leveraging our global datacenter-independent anycast network. Customers can easily increase uptime by incorporating our solutions.

Cloud DNS

  • Cloud DNS

Ensure DNS reliability and performance with our global reach and resiliency

Our redundant network and 24xForever architecture guarantee that the most critical link in online communications – DNS – delivers 100% of the time. Don’t spend money on multiple web servers, databases, redundancy and clustering but settle for the low-end, non-redundant DNS infrastructure of typical registrars, ISPs and hosters. When DNS goes down, everything goes down!

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DNS Failover
Secondary/Backup DNS
DNS Pricing and Packages - from $23/mo.

Cloud Load Balancing

  • Cloud Load Balancer

The ultimate traffic routing & management tool in the cloud

Deliver performance and availability by seamlessly directing visitors to the closest datacenter or to alternate infrastructure whenever you want. Load balance traffic between more than one server or more than one location. Powered by our Global Anycast network, Total Uptime’s Cloud Load Balancing solution is the most robust service on the planet guaranteeing 100% uptime for your mission critical applications.

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Active/Passive - Cloud Failover
Traditional vs. Cloud
Pricing and Packages - from $23/mo.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Web Application Firewall

Protect critical IT infrastructure at the edge of the Internet

Where better to protect your infrastructure than in the cloud, at the edge of the Internet, far away from your environment and close to the attacker. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects web applications from every one of the 16 classes of application vulnerabilities growing number of application-layer attacks and prevents the loss of valuable corporate and customer data.

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Our Gobal WAF Platform
Zero Day Protection
Web Application Exploit Protection
Pricing and Packages - from $49/mo.