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Total Uptime pioneered the Cloud Availability Platform™ and it puts you in the uptime driver’s seat.

Choose from different solutions to meet your needs.

Edge Application Delivery

Increase the performance of your applications by accelerating dynamic content and caching static files at the edge of the Internet.

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Edge Application Delivery

Cloud DNS Service

Super easy to use. Rock solid reliability. Outages are history.
Our massive, redundant global DNS platform finally gives you complete and instant control over DNS like you've never had before. Even if you don't use our device monitoring and failover automation tools, you can make changes instantly with the UI or with our our REST API and enjoy 100% DNS uptime - guaranteed.

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Cloud Load Balancing

This isn't just a load balancer. It keeps apps online once and for all.
This is the ultimate tool you've been looking for to regain control over network routing on the Internet. Put it in front of your favorite cloud platform or your on-prem hardware to quickly detect and automatically mitigate outages.

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Cloud Load Balancing
Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall

Threats are everywhere. They want to knock you offline or steal your data. The WAF blocks them.
The Web Application Firewall protects your critical applications at the edge of the Internet, FAR AWAY from your servers.
It cloaks, protects and silently looks for 15 classes of application vulnerabilities and sensitive data.

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When ISPs can't provide IP addresses or BGP, we can.

Get a static IPv4 or IPv6 address delivered over any ISP using BGP over GRE or VPN.

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Cloud Service Mesh

Cloud Service Mesh

Build a mesh network between clouds, offices and data centers.

We simplify multi-cloud and multi-site network connectivity with one easy-to-manage solution that interconnects everything.

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Compatible with all cloud providers, including:

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