We operate the only data center-independent global cloud platform. Our network uses Anycast, natively supports both IPv4 and IPv6 and is engineered for performance.

It’s true. Total Uptime is not like any other cloud platform. Because our global network is truly data center-independent and network provider independent, we are more redundant and resilient than any other provider. This gives our customers the unprecedented ability to seamlessly build routing and failover configurations from one data center to another, regardless of who the underlying provider is.

Our cloud platform resides in 17 countries using hundreds of different network providers and peering arrangements. This provides incredible performance, redundancy, scalability and capacity. Simply put, the network is designed to never go down. We route traffic for small businesses on up to some of the world’s largest corporations.

SOC 2® Type 2 Audited Operations and Data Centers

Total Uptime SOC 2 Type 2

Validating the resiliency and operational excellence of our cloud platform

The Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 audit, developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is the most widely recognized authoritative guidance that provides service organizations a uniform method for disclosing independently assessed information about the design and operation of internal controls related to a company’s services. It is a written and verified description of systems and controls relevant to security, availability, and confidentiality and affirms Total Uptime’s commitment to our customers. Furthermore, all of the data centers we use globally have the same level of achievement, and a few of them also have PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and SSAE16/ISAE3401 SOC-1 Type II as well. This assures our customers that we take security, confidentiality and availability seriously! Our Canadian data centers also have the equivalent CSAE 3416

Network and Transit Provider Redundancy

To ensure unprecedented reliability, redundancy and performance, we connect to almost every major global transit provider.

It is vitally important for our customers that we not only provide, but maintain 100% uptime. Connecting to leading network providers and peering exchanges that span the globe make this objective a reality. Through our underlying datacenter providers, we connect to respected transit providers including Level3, NTT, TeliaSonera, TATA, PCCW, Comcast, Time Warner, Telefonica, Telstra, Pacnet as well as hundreds (794 at last count) of peering partners and direct networks for the ultimate in premium, low-latency connectivity.

Anycast Architecture

Our global implementation of Anycast ensures no single point of failure across our network.

When selecting a cloud network provider for critical DNS or traffic routing applications, customers need complete assurance that their carefully vetted provider will improve the availability of their critical websites and applications, not degrade them or add a new single-point-of-failure, common among other so-called “cloud” providers. Our network architecture is such that every one of our global datacenters has identical infrastructure and real-time replicated configurations. By concurrently announcing the exact same IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks, Total Uptime has created a virtually indestructible network that helps organizations increase availability significantly.

Dual Stack IPv4 and IPv6

Because IPv4 is near exhaustion and many global organizations are adding IPv6 every day, we have too!

IPv6 is alive and kicking. Many organizations have already deployed it across their networks, and others are working to deploy it quickly. We already run native IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack across our network and in DNS which gives our customers the ability to immediately IPv6-enable by tunneling through our global cloud. In 5 minutes or less, your website can be IPv6 ready with our cloud load balancing suite.

North Carolina, USA Network Operations Center (NOC)

Superior 24×7 technical support by the team that built the network

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is located in Asheville, North Carolina, the same location the federal government located the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) headquarters and data center. Our NOC is in a non-public, access-controlled campus and features redundant internet connectivity, cooling, emergency power generators and remote offsite architecture to support a distributed workforce.

Our team is here when you need us, 24x7x365. Not just by email or through our efficient case tracking system, but you can also speak to a real person by telephone, whenever you want, without limits — unlike some of our competitors. Reach out to us for help with deployment, configuration assistance, importing data or a critical issue, all at no additional cost.