GEO DNS - Geographic DNS Routing

Direct visitors anywhere you want based on their origin IP

Have you ever wanted to send visitors in a specific geography or a different continent to a server closer to them? Now you can with Total Uptime’s Managed GEO DNS add-on for our Cloud DNS. Not only can you direct users to a closer server for a faster browsing experience, but faster web page loads improve SEO as well. When coupled with DNS failover, users can be automatically directed to alternate datacenters during outages or maintenance, drastically decreasing downtime.

Total Uptime GEO DNS is extremely easy to deploy. There is no hardware or software to implement. Simply activate it for $25/month per GEO pool. Each GEO pool allows you to configure a different IP for 10 different geographies. If you want even more control, rather than specifying a single IP for each GEO Zone, you can assign a Failover Pool to increase resiliency or round-robin traffic to more IPs. Go even further and get super granular control over traffic by integrating with Cloud Load Balancing and Cloud Failover too! You can then assign your GEO pool to any number of A or AAAA records in DNS to start directing traffic right away.

The GEO DNS Management Interface


Improve Application Performance

It's true. Much like a CDN, you can improve the performance of your application for your visitors. By routing your visitors to servers closer to them, latency will be reduced and pages will load faster. Faster is better, right?

Deliver Customized Content

With GEO DNS you have the ability to deliver unique content based on your user's origin. Create a custom site or application for users in Europe to differentiate them from North American users, Asia Pacific users and more.

Reduce Origin Server Load

By distributing traffic to different servers or datacenters, you can ensure the right amount of infrastructure for each audience instead of letting the entire world pull content from the same location. Now you can better scale to suit.

Boosts Your Bottom Line

It's a well known fact that when websites or applications are zippier, customers are happier. When customers are happier, they buy more and they recommend more. That can only be good for your business and your brand.

See how easy it is to configure GEO DNS

Watch this Quick Start video to see how easy it is to configure GEO DNS using our web-based cloud management portal to direct visitors to different IP addresses based on the origin geography.

GEO DNS is a feature of our Cloud DNS Service.
Learn more about this service, our cloud platform, intuitive web-based management interface, pricing, 24x7 support and more by visiting our Cloud DNS overview page.