Secondary / Backup DNS

Mirror domains from your existing DNS server onto our global DNS network

Secondary DNS, sometimes referred to as Backup DNS or Slave DNS, allows organizations to utilize more than one DNS provider to host their DNS or to host DNS internally using their in-house corporate name servers but replicate critical DNS zones externally. This simple technique allows organizations to increase DNS redundancy quickly and easily.

Total Uptime fully supports Secondary DNS by allowing customers to create zones within our easy-to-use web-based management portal. Simply create zones by specifying the IP address of your primary DNS server. Our network will then connect to your primary DNS and pull a copy of your zone and keep it up-to-date 24×7.

All of our DNS Packages support Secondary DNS. Simply choose one that best fits the needs of your organization. You can even sign-up for our free trial to give it a spin!

Instantly expand your DNS network by replicating your zones onto our platform


Increase DNS Redundancy

Implementing Secondary DNS on the Total Uptime network is extremely easy. Within a matter of minutes you'll increase your DNS capacity. If Primary DNS goes down, we'll still be up.

Improve DNS Performance

When you add our global network of DNS servers, you boost DNS performance instantly. This is because we have DNS servers everywhere, and with Anycast, closer to your end-users.

Improve SEO Rankings

Faster DNS means spiders can crawl your site slightly faster. And faster means better. Faster DNS is always a recommended component of improving application page load speed.

Boosts Your Bottom Line

It's a proven fact that when DNS is down, people can’t find you. That means no purchases and, even worse, lost confidence in your company or brand! Uptime always = better returns.

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Secondary DNS is a feature of our Cloud DNS Service.
Learn more about this service, our cloud platform, intuitive web-based management interface, pricing, 24x7 support and more by visiting our Cloud DNS overview page.