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Update Port Options

Method:              PUT
URI:                      /ALF/Pac/{portId}/UpdateOption

This method updates the options associated with a port in the pack.

Parameter Data Type
ClinentIdleTimtOut “string”
EnableHTTPToHTTPs Boolean (true/false)
InsertHTTPIPPortInsertion Boolean (true/false)
InsertHTPIPPOrtHeader “string”
EnableSessionReuse Boolean (true/false)
SSLClientIdleTimeOut Boolean (true/false)
SendCloseNotify Boolean (true/false)
SNIEnable Boolean (true/false)
SNIAttached Boolean (true/false)
SSLv3 Boolean (true/false)
TLSv10 Boolean (true/false)
TLSv11 Boolean (true/false)
TLSv12 Boolean (true/false)
CipherGroupId “string”
CipherGroups.id “string”
CipherGroups.Name “string”
HTTPProtocolId “string”
GET Boolean (true/false)
HEAD Boolean (true/false)
POST Boolean (true/false)
PUT Boolean (true/false)
DELETE Boolean (true/false)
TRACE Boolean (true/false)
OPTIONS Boolean (true/false)
CONNECT Boolean (true/false)
AppliedRemoveHeaderIds “string”
AppliedInsertHeaderIds “string”