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Retrieve All Unassigned IPv6 Addresses

Method:              GET
URI:                      /Account/IPAddress/v6/Unused/All

This method will retrieve all of the unused IP IPv6 Addresses in your account, if any. An IP address ID is required when publishing your pack. The parameters allow you to refine the results retrieved from the API. They must be formatted as a query string, e.g. if you use more than one, the 2nd one onward should be preceded by an ampersand “&” character.

Parameter Description
An integer for number of items you would like returned in this response. E.g. {20}
pageno={page} An integer for the page number (only applicable if the perpage is used). E.g. {1}
sortField={value} The field you wish to sort by. E.g. {domainName}, {domainType}
sortOrder={value} The sort direction. E.g. {asc} or {desc}
searchField={value} The field you wish to search for. E.g. {domainName}
searchString={value} The value you wish to search for. E.G. in the case of the search field being {domainName} this could be {example.com} (we recommend you url encode the search string. E.g. spaces must be %20 )
searchOper={value} This is a 2 letter code to specify how to use the search string:
bw = begins with
cn = contains
ew = ends with
eq = equal to
ne = not equal to