API Documentation


What are your network or datacenter maintenance windows?

We do not have any specific network or datacenter maintenance windows. Avoiding downtime on our global Cloud Platform is our highest priority, so we always make every effort to perform maintenance in such a way as to prevent customer impact.  That’s why you rarely receive datacenter maintenance notifications from us. In most cases, we can […]

What kind of network uptime guarantees or Service Level Agreements (SLA) do you provide?

Total Uptime offers a 100% network uptime for all customers for all of our solutions. That means we promise it will always be available. Period. Many challengers will state that since 100% uptime is impossible to achieve, it is foolish to make such a promise, but we strongly disagree. If we only set out to […]

Can the Cloud Load Balancer alert me if there is an issue or if one of my servers goes down?

Yes, absolutely! The Cloud Load Balancer supports a multitude of different monitoring types that you can create and assign to two of the different servers. Each server can be assigned a default monitor, or one or more custom monitors, and it can even be set to skip monitoring altogether, essentially forcing it to be up and online […]

Creating a new Company / Sub-Company / Department / Division etc.

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating a Company within/under your company. This can be a sub-company for a client, a department or division that needs to manage their own account, a way to delegate domain management to someone else, or just a way of keeping things locked down for security purposes. After logging into the […]

Can I use the HTTP monitor to check a specific page on my site?

Yes, absolutely. When creating an HTTP monitor, you can go to the SPECIAL PARAMETERS tab and adjust the HTTP Request value to look for your special page. By default the HTTP Request value is “HEAD /”. If, for example, you wanted to test the page at http://www.mydomain.com/test.php, you would change the value in the HTTP Request […]

Quick Start Video: How to use GEO DNS

In this Quick Start Video, we’ll give you a basic overview of GEO DNS and how you can use it to direct visitors to different IP addresses based on their origin geography. Coupled with DNS Failover and Cloud Load Balancing, GEO DNS is an extremely powerful tool as part of Total Uptime Technologies’ complete Cloud-Based […]

Do you offer 24x7x365 email and phone support?

Yes, absolutely. Total Uptime is here around the clock. As a managed service provider, you can email or even call us 24x7x365 for technical assistance. Our goal is rapid response for technical issues at any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays. Our sales department is equally responsive, however is not staffed […]

Where do I get an IP address so I can publish my ALF Pack?

You can obtain IPv4 and IPv6 addresses by going to the ACCOUNT section in the upper-right corner of the portal, and then selecting the IP ADDRESSES tab. From there you can choose one or more available IP addresses to add to your account for use when publishing an ALF Pack (configuration). IP Addresses are available […]

Do you offer two factor / dual factor authentication?

Yes, we offer two factor (2FA) or dual factor authentication for logging into our cloud management panel. This is a feature that must be enabled company-wide (for all users). It is not possible to enable it for one user and not another because that could create a back-door. 2FA supports the following methods: One time […]

Do you have an API (Application Programming Interface) so I can script or automate changes vs. having to use your GUI?

Yes, we sure do. We have a REST-style API specifically for this purpose. You can find more information here.