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Can I use the HTTP monitor to check a specific page on my site?

Yes, absolutely. When creating an HTTP monitor, you can go to the SPECIAL PARAMETERS tab and adjust the HTTP Request value to look for your special page. By default the HTTP Request value is “HEAD /”. If, for example, you wanted to test the page at http://www.mydomain.com/test.php, you would change the value in the HTTP Request box to be “HEAD /test.php” (note that there is no space between the / and test.php. You enter it just like it would be entered in the URL of your browser). If your page is nested deeper within your site, simply adjust accordingly.

Did you know that we also offer the ability to look for content on a web page too? For example, if you’ve created a special page like the test.php suggestion above that does a database query to make sure it is working and spits the word “ok” to the page, you could look for that word. This type of monitor is the HTTP_ECV. You’ll see there on the special parameters where to enter the word “ok”.

Here is a video that walks you through creating monitors. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful.

As always, if you need help, just create a support case. We’re here to help 24x7x365!

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