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Add a Role

When you Add a Role, you will be presented with a list of permissions and options for that Role.  For each permission/option, you will be given a selection of choices from a drop-down menu.

EnabledDisabled  :  Access can be toggled on or off.

DisabledReadRead/WriteFull  :  Access can be disabled, read-only, read/write, or full permissions.

ReadDisabled  :  Access can be toggled between read-only and disabled.

DisabledReadRead/WriteRead/Write/CreateFull  :  Access can be disabled, read-only, read/write, read/write/create, or full permissions.

Company:  Choose which company or sub-company you want this Role to be available to.  (A role cannot be shared among sub-companies.)

Role Name:  This is how you will identify the role when selecting it while creating or editing a User account.

Role Description:  A quick description to help identify the role.


Dashboard:  EnabledDisabled

 Networking:  EnabledDisabled – Access to all Networking settings.

Information:  ReadDisabled

Configuration Builder:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Load Balancing:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Caching and Optimization:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Failover:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

SSL:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

DoS/DDoS:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Firewall:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Connections:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Monitors:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Statistics:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

 WAF Log:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Multicloud Networking:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

DNS:  EnableDisable – Access to all DNS settings.

Information:  ReadDisabled

Domains:  DisabledReadRead/WriteRead/Write/CreateFull

Failover Pools:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Geo Zones:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Monitors:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Import/Export Domains:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Zone Transfer Settings:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Reporting: DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Account:  EnabledDisabled – Access to all Account settings.

Information:  ReadDisabled

Company:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Users:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Roles & Security:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

IP Addresses:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Subscriptions:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Reseller:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Change Log:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Alert List:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Alert Template:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Device Status:  DisabledReadRead/WriteFull

Modify Password/2FA:  EnabledDisabled