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Create Cache Content Group

Method:              POST
URI:                      /ALF/Acceleration/Cache/ContentGroup

This method creates a new Cache Content Group. It requires that the following information be posted in order to successfully create the group:

Field Data Type
Name “string”
CacheType “string”
ExpiryMethod “string”
PositiveResponseExpireTime “string”
ErrorResponseExpireTime “string”
MinObjectSize “string”
MaxObjectSize “string”
CacheAfterXHits “string”
CacheSize “string”
IgnoreBrowserReloadRequest true
RemoveReseponseCookies true
IgnoreCacheControlPragmaHeadersRequest true
LazyDNSResolution true
InsertHTTPViaHeader true
InsertHTTPAgeHeader true
InsertHTTPETageHeader true
PrefetchUpdatedObjectsBeforeExpiration true
CCHExpression “string”
FQDNs “string”
Priority 0