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Edit an Existing Domain

Method:              PUT
URI:                      /CloudDNS/Domain/{domainID}

This method modifies the parameters of an existing domain. It requires post data identical to that for creating a new domain.

Field Sample data
primaryDNS “a1.uberns.com”
responsibleEmail “johndoe@example.com”
minTTL “300”
refreshInterval “14400”
retryInterval “7200”
expireTime “1209600”
soaTTL “14400”
domainType “Primary” – Also supports “Secondary”, “Reverse”
reverseType “” – For a reverse zone you need to specify “Ipv4” or “Ipv6”. For a primary zone, send two blank quotes “”
companyID {companyID} – If you want to assign the domain to a sub-company, specify the company ID within quotes “”. Otherwise, send two empty quotes “”
TransferSettingID “” – If you want to assign a Zone Transfer Pool to the domain (to allow secondary zone transfers) send the zone transfer ID. Otherwise send two empty quotes “”