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User Columns

Select which columns you’d like displayed in the Users table.  Categories listed on the left are columns that will appear in the table.  Categories on the right are columns that are available, but not selected to appear in the table.  To add a column, press the “+” beside the category name on the right-hand list.  To remove a column, press the ““ beside the category name on the left-hand list.

select columns

First Name: User’s First name.

Last Name: User’s Last name.

Title: User’s title. (Mr, Ms, Mrs, etc…)

Phone: User’s phone number.

Ext: User’s extension number.

Enable SMS: Whether user has SMS enabled.

Active: Shows whether this is an active user or not.

Time Zone: Lists the Time Zone name that the user account has selected.

Role Name: Shows the Security Role the User account is assigned.

Locked: Shows if the user account is “Locked”.  A user account becomes Locked after 5 unsuccessful, consecutive login attempts within about 15 seconds.  If a User account becomes locked, it will automatically unlock itself after 5 minutes.

Company: Lists which company the user was created under.

Mobile Number: Shows the mobile number listed in the User account.

DualFactorAuth: Shows whether Dual Factor Authentication is enabled.  This is set at the Company level, and affects all User accounts created under that company.

Primary Email: Lists the User’s primary email address.

Secondary Email: Lists the User’s secondary email address.

Last Log In: Shows the date and time that someone logged in to our system using that User account.

Date & Time Created: Shows when the User account was created.

TimeZoneID: Lists the order in which the User’s selected Time Zone appears on the available list of Time Zones.  For example, if the User account uses the first time zone available in our list, which is “(UTC-12:00) International Date Line West” then the Time Zone ID will be “1”.

Role: Shows the Security Role the User account is assigned.

Support Pass: Shows the Support Password the user has chosen (if any) to be asked for when requesting support.

API Account: Shows whether or not the User account is setup for API.  This will show either True or False.