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Company Tab

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This section displays a list of companies you have access to view, which may be just your own. You can edit a company to change any of the contact information associated with it. If you are a reseller, you can also create new companies here and manage them as well. You can lock (disable) or unlock (enable) a company by selecting it in the table, and clicking the appropriate button in the tool bar. Use the search button to easily find companies if there are many.

  • Add  –  Add a sub-company.
  • Edit  –  Edit a company or sub-company.
  • Delete
    • After a sub-account has been locked for 90 days, you will be able to delete the sub-company by selecting it and pressing the “Delete” button.  The 90 day lock period is a safety measure designed to prevent the accidental deletion of sub-companies.
  • Search  –  Search for a company or sub-company.
    • Clear Filter:  You can press the Clear Filter button at any time to clear your search filter and display all companies.
      clear search filter
  • Reload  –  Reload the page.
  • Lock
    • Select the sub-company you wish to lock and press the Lock button.  This will suspend the sub-company’s account, but will not delete their settings.  You must place a sub-company into “Locked” status for 90 days before you’re able to delete it.  This is by design, to prevent the accidental deletion of sub-accounts.  If you unlock a sub-company then re-lock it the 90 day limit will restart.
  • Unlock
    • Select the sub-company you wish to unlock and press the Unlock button.  This will re-activate the sub-company’s account and restore all of the settings they had when the sub-company went into Locked status.
  • Columns
    • This option allows you to select which columns you would like to be visible.