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Alert Templates Tab

Not interested in reading the manual? We cover the essentials in a video at the bottom of this page!

Alert templates allow you to customize the email messages that are sent for DNS Failover alerts and Networking Alerts (e.g. Load Balancing). You are allowed to create one template for each solution which will then be used in place of the default template. All email alerts come from a generic email address: noreply@cloudalive.com.

custom alert messages

  • Add:  Add a new Template.
  • Edit:  Select the desired Template and press the Edit button to alter a pre-existing Template.
  • Delete:  Select the desired Template and press the Delete button to delete a Template.
  • Search:  Search for a saved Template.
    • Clear Filter:  You can press the Clear Filter button at any time to clear your search filter and display all templates.
  • Reload:  Press the Reload button to refresh the current screen.