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Add Allowed IP

Allowed IP addresses are applied to Security Roles, not to specific users or companies. By default the table is empty, which allows any IP address access to both the UI and API. As soon as you specify your first IP address, only it will be allowed to log in and all others will be blocked. When you try to add your first IP to the Login Access Control List, you will receive a prompt that will suggest that you add the IP address you’re currently using.

add allowed IP

Answering “Yes” will automatically add your current IP (which will be displayed in the warning) to the Access Control List.  If you answer “No”, then you will be allowed to bypass this warning but will only be able to log back in using an IP address that you enter.  It is always advisable to allow your own IP address first.

add allowed IP address

Company:  Select your company or sub-company from the drop-down list.

Role:  Select the Role that your IP will be allowed to log in to.

IP Address:  Enter a valid IP address to add to the list.  This must be a complete IP address, with no wildcards.