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Retrieve All Resource Records of a Specific Type

Method:       GET
URI:               /CloudDNS/Domain/{domainID}/{recordType}All?{options}

This method retrieves all of a specific resource record type for a specific domain id. It also features options to break the results up into pages and show a specific page (if {perpage} is used) as well.

The query string {options} allow you to refine the results retrieved from the API. They must be formatted as a query string, e.g. if you use more than one, the 2nd one onwards should be preceded by an ampersand “&” character… e.g. joined with the & character. The options include:

Parameter Description
An integer for number of items you would like returned in this response. E.g. {20}
pageno={page} An integer for the page number (only applicable if the perpage is used). E.g. {1}
sortField={sortField} The field you wish to sort by. E.g. {aHostName}, {aIPAddress}
sortOrder={sortOrder} The sort direction. E.g. {asc} or {desc}
searchField={searchField} The field you wish to search for. E.g. {aIPAddress}
searchString={searchString} The value you wish to search for. E.G. in the case of the search field being {aIPAddress} this could be {} (we recommend to url encode the search string)
searchOper={value} This is a 2 letter code to specify how to use the search string: bw = begins with cn = contains ew = ends with eq = equal to ne = not equal to