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Can I bring my own IPs / can you announce my subnets?

The answer is yes!

Periodically we’re asked if customers can announce their own IP space / subnets on our platform. The answer is yes. We will need an LOA (Letter of Authorization) for your IP space, and it will need to be registered with any of the RIRs (Regional Internet Registries) like ARIN, RIPE, etc. If you need an LOA template, just create a support ticket with our team and we’ll get that over to you.

The minimum space we can announce via BGP to our upstream network providers is a /24 for IPv4 and a /48 for IPv6. We will announce the space using our own ASN of  53334 from the POPs you select. For example, if you’re a USA-based company and only want to use US-based POPs, that’s not a problem. Same for Europe or APAC regions. Just let us know the details.

There is a cost for this BGP announcement configuration/setup and ongoing management. Since it’s more than just a one-time effort on our part, we do charge a monthly fee of $125.00. This does increase with multiple prefixes, so contact our sales team fur further information.

The flexibility of having your own IP space on our platform is pretty significant. For customers who want to thoroughly mitigate a Total Uptime outage or other disaster, controlling your own subnets allows you to announce them from anywhere in the event we no longer do. It also allows you to have IP space that is registered to the geography and address of your choice. And lastly, it does allow for very easy reverse DNS management as well.

For more information on customer-owned BGP announced prefixes, please contact us.

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