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What Key types do you support?

For SSL Offload or Acceleration or to enable Web Application and API Protection with inspection of content behind a URL using HTTPS, you need to install your certificate and key onto our platform. That way we can decrypt to do inspections and optimizations.

Periodically we’ll receive a support case where a specific type of key doesn’t seem to work. This is true since we do not support all types yet (e.g. ECDSA and the PEM Encoding Algorithm of AES256) but we will soon.

Here are the specifications of the different key parameters our platform supports:


Key type: RSA or DSA
Key size: 2048 or 4096 bits
Public Exponent Value: 3 or F4
Key Format: PEM or DER
PEM Encoding Algorithm: DES or DES3

As mentioned above, ECDSA Key types are coming soon as is AES256 PEM Encoding Algorithm.

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