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Do you offer Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)?

Yes, we definitely do, but we offer a more accurate modern version of GSLB.

We have a pretty extensive GSLB blog post about our implementation and how you can achieve various proximity-based routing concepts in the Total Uptime panel.

Traditional GSLB uses DNS to make routing decisions. That is, it uses an IP address table to consider the requesting user’s IP address and the server/device IP address to determine the geographic location. Many CDNs use this concept as well.

Total Uptime uses our very accurate anycast network to route users to devices based on their real latency-based location in comparison to one of our POPs. From there, once a user lands on our POP, YOU get to decide where they should go.

Others call GSLB GEO Load Balancing or Proximity routing. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, of you have a distributed userbase/audience across North America or the entire globe, we probably have a solution that can help you accomplish your goals with precision. Contact us for further information, we’re happy to discuss your project to see if we can help!

If you just want to know where the settings are, first you’ll need a subscription to our PERFORMANCE ADC-as-a-Service plan. Then you should see these settings when configuring a group in your pack.

GEO Weighting Enable


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