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Do you have GEO proximity routing?

We do! The feature you’re probably looking for is called Geo Weighting. This is the modern and improved version of GEO Proximity routing, traditionally called Global Server Load Balancing.

If you’re looking for a way to route a distributed audience (whether in the USA or around the world), the Geo Weighting feature is probably what you need. It will allow you to place multiple geographically disperse devices into a single config/pack, whether load balanced or not, and send the user to the closest device. We can do this because of our highly accurate anycast network.

For more information, check out the Global Server Load Balancing article linked above or feel free to contact us to discuss your specific project. We have many customers in ad delivery, monitoring, IoT, APIs and other latency-sensitive applications where we have helped immensely. We work with your infrastructure located in any major cloud (Google Cloud, Azure, AWS and more) or other data centers too.

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Geo Proximity routing is part of our ADC-as-a-Service solution.