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Implement an HTTP to HTTPS redirect

If you’re looking to implement an HTTP to HTTPS (SSL) redirect for your web application, you can now enable a feature directly on the load balancer instead of configuring it on your server. This significantly improves redirect performance and reduces the load on your servers.

To implement this change, you must be on the main page of your Load Balancer or Web Application Firewall configuration page, as shown in the sample image below. Then click the “options” pop-up beside the HTTP protocol (this feature is only available in the HTTP protocol, not TCP etc.). If you haven’t created this protocol yet, you’ll need to, plus once implemented, you’ll need to map it to your server’s private port and IP too.

http to https options dialog

Once the options window opens, you will see the HTTP to HTTPS redirect checkbox as shown below. Simply check it and save.

HTTP to HTTPS redirect

After saving, allow a few minutes for the change to propagate our network before testing.

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