To export your domains from GoDaddy basic DNS and import them into our DNS portal, you should follow these steps.

  1. log into GoDaddy and click to “manage” your domains.
  2. Click on the domain you wish to export
  3. Click on the DNS ZONE FILE tab to view the DNS configuration.
  4. Click the MORE link/arrow to pull down a menu (as shown below) and select EXPORT ZONE FILE (UNIX)


The above process will produce a .zip file with the zone inside.

5. Now extract the text file that is inside the zip and open it with your favorite text editor, such as notepad.

6. As shown in the image below, scroll down past all of the comments at the top and edit the email address (keeping the . instead of the @)

7. As shown in the image below, add a dot/period to the end of every line that has a host name, as shown circled in red.


Once complete, save the file and it is now ready for import! See this section of our online manual and scroll down to the Import: From Files section halfway down the page.