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How do I create an Alert List to notify me when a server is up or down?

Our DNS Failover monitoring and Cloud Networking solutions (e.g. Load Balancing, firewall) have the ability to send email alerts when devices go up or down. In order to create an alert list and assign it to your failover pool, follow these steps:

Go to the ACCOUNT link in the upper-right corner of the management portal. It is located right beside the Change Your Password Link. If you do not see it, then your account does not have the appropriate permissions. If you are the top-level administrator at your company, then contact us to have this corrected. If you are a sub-user at your company, ask your Administrator to give you rights to that section.

Within the ACCOUNT section, click on the ALERT LISTS sub-tab. Here you can click ADD to create a new list. Give it a name that makes sense to you and click Submit.

Now you will see your list in the table. Double click it to open (or click once and choose EDIT from the toolbar). Once the dialog box has popped up you can move various ‘Available Users’ from your organization to be members of the list.

NOTE: If you want to send alerts to an email address that isn’t a user, you may create fake users for that specific purpose. For example, if you wanted to send an alert to an IT distribution group, create a new user called IT DISTRO with the appropriate email address. This account does not have to be enabled (active) or used for it to be a member of an alert list.

NOTE: User accounts support secondary email addresses, but it is important to note that secondary email addresses will not receive alerts. That email is primarily used for contact and password reset purposes.

NOTE: You can receive SMS messages by adding a mobile number to your user profile and checking the “SMS” box. When enabled, you will receive text messages in addition to email alerts.

Assign your alert list to a DNS Failover Pool: You can assign it to the Failover Pool itself and then inherit the list by each of the Pool Entries, or you can assign different alert lists to different Pool Entries. If you haven’t assigned an alert list to a pool before, you will need to open each Pool Entry to assign or inherit the list, and choose if you want to receive UP alerts, DOWN alerts or both.

Assign your alert list to a Server in networking: Simply double click your server from the expanded left pane where it is listed. Then select your alert list and choose if you want to receive UP alerts, DOWN alerts or both.

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