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Changing your reverse DNS name servers at ARIN

If you have received a direct IP allocation from ARIN and would like to point them to Total Uptime so you can create zones for managing reverse DNS, these are the steps you need to take in order to complete the process.

  1. Log into ARIN online right from their home page at www.arin.net
  2. Click on the MANAGE & REQUEST RESOURCES link in the left navigation
  3. You should now see a section with your POCs and your ORG IDs. Click on the ORG ID that you wish to edit the allocations for.
  4. Within your ORG ID you should see both AS NUMBERS at the top, and IP NETWORKS at the bottom. Click on the NET HANDLE for the network you wish to modify.
  5. Within that network, you should see a blue button on the far right of the page that says MANAGE REVERSE DNS.
  6. Now you will see a list of your IP allocations (DELEGATION) and their corresponding NAME SERVERS (if any exist). For example, you might see 100.200.100.in-addr.arpa, which would represent the IP allocation of
  7. Select the check box to the left of every delegation you wish to point to Total Uptime, then click the MODIFY NAMESERVERS button at the bottom of the page.
  8. Enter the name servers we’ve assigned to your account, at least 2 of them, and then click APPLY TO ALL
  9. You’re almost done! ARIN will update their database soon. But in the interim, don’t forget to create them in our management portal exactly as listed. For the example domain shown above ( you would create a reverse zone with the exact syntax ARIN used in the DELEGATION column. So you would create a new zone for 100.200.100.in-addr.arpa and then create individual PTR records within it for each IP you wish to create a reverse DNS record for.

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