If Google Domains is your registrar, here are the steps you need to follow to change your name servers to Total Uptime.

First, go to https://domains.google.com and log into your account.

Next, click on the DNS link to the right of the domain that you wish to point to our platform as shown in the image below:


In the Name Servers section shown below, click “Use custom name servers” and then enter the name servers we’ve assigned to your account as shown below. (If you do not know your name servers, go to the DOMAINS tab within the management portal and look for a grey box that will list them.)


Once you’ve entered at least two name servers (we encourage you to enter 4), click the blue SAVE button and you’re done!

Within a few hours the domain will be using the Total Uptime DNS servers, so go ahead and create the domain in our management portal (if you haven’t already) and begin creating all of your resource records.