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Can you host a .gov domain?

Yes! Total Uptime does provide secure DNS hosting for Federal, State, Municipal and other Government agencies. We fully support the .gov TLD (top level domain) and offer DNSSEC and 2FA security to meet government security requirements with ease.

To learn more about our service, you can visit our Government DNS Service page where you will find a comprehensive overview of the main features of our global DNS platform including DNSSEC and automation functionality like DNS Failover or access to our REST API. Every feature available for .com, .org, .net and other TLDs are also available for government domains. so you’re in good hands.

What type of DNS subscription is required?

All of our different DNS Hosting Plans support a .gov TLD (and hundreds of other TLDs at the same time). The right plan primarily depends on the number of domains you would like to manage in our panel. If you already have a .com domain (for example) and are also adding a .gov domain, you may wish to place both here at Total Uptime for easy combined DNS management. Our smallest plan supports 10 domains.

Do you accept a purchase order or can you invoice us?

Absolutely! For government customers who wish to pay annually, we are happy to accept a purchase order or send you an invoice for processing through your regular approval and accounts payable processes. If you need a quote ahead of time, we’re happy to provide that too. Just contact us and we’ll help you in any way we can.

If you prefer to pay monthly, we can do that too, but we do require a major credit card for automated billing purposes.

Do you provide help setting up my .gov domain?

Yes, absolutely. There are a few hoops to jump through with the DotGov registry to fully activate and begin using your domain, even after you have been approved to obtain one. We are familiar with this process and can easily guide you. Some of these steps include:

  1. Getting approved to purchase a .gov domain by the DotGov registrar (the lengthiest part of the process). Once approved, you will tentatively have your domain, but it needs to be configured on a DNS platform to complete their process as follows:
  2. Create a DNS account at Total Uptime
  3. Adding your domain to our platform (to get the NS records needed for step 4)
  4. Optionally enable DNSSEC on your domain so it is securely signed
  5. Add the NS records at the DotGov registrar to complete the validation
  6. Optionally add the DNSSEC domain signer attributes to complete the chain-of-trust
  7. Add other records in our platform to get your website and mail working

Please do not hesitate to to contact us if you require any assistance before or after signing up for our service. We’re happy to help and our support is rated number 1 for helpfulness and response time 24x7x365 by our customers.

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