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Can I create a wildcard NS record?

Yes. While NS records do support the wildcard character, an asterisk (*), it is important to be careful when using this character to avoid sending untended traffic to another name server.

For example, if you create a pair of NS records for xyz.example.com to point to a name server ns1.example.net what you’ve essentially done is told DNS to forward all requests for xyz.example.com and all sub-domains of that zone, such as a.xyz.example.com over towards ns1.example.net for the answers.

Often that’s all you need, for example if you’ve configured a sub-domain for email marketing and the company you use needs authority for that sub-domain delegated to them for management.

If you create a wildcard NS record, then all traffic for any other undefined record will be forwarded to the alternate name server(s). This is rarely required.

Of course if you need any assistance at all with DNS records, do not hesitate to create a support case. We’re here to help!

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