Can server UP/DOWN alerts be sent as an SMS or Text Message to my phone?

Yes, if you want to receive alert messages to your phone as an SMS or Text Message, you need to do two things. First, you need to create an alert list. Secondly, you need to edit your user profile and add a mobile number. To access your user profile, click the ACCOUNT link in the […]

How to create an SPF record

What is SPF? Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a protocol designed to help combat forged email. It allows the owner of a domain to specify which hosts are authorized to send email from that domain. Full details can be found in RFC 7208.   How does SPF work? Domain owners publish SPF records in the […]

Network Failover Can Save Your Business

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, they say. You should always have a plan B. Companies spend millions on their data connections, but even the best of them can fail. And what happens when you don’t have adequate backup systems in place? Well, take a look at our survey of outages in 2018 […]

Cloud Platform Release v19.1.0

Today we released a significant update, and our first release for 2019. This version is packed full of bug fixes, improvements and exciting new features in addition to data center upgrades and other back-end improvements. The most notable improvement with this release is a significant back-end upgrade. After a few years of reliable operation from […]

And You Thought Your Transactions Were Safe: SSL Based Attacks

Your plaintext internet traffic is subject to attack. You already knew this.  And it probably won’t surprise you to learn that your encrypted internet traffic is also vulnerable. It’s an unfortunate situation. Carl Herberger, Radware’s VP for Security Solutions, says that the prospect of SSL-based attacks “makes a folly of our existing security infrastructure”. The […]

Add Maintenance Window

Company:  Select a company or sub-company from the drop down window that the Maintenance Window will be affect.  This will determine which Alert Lists you see in the following windows. Name*:  (*required)  Choose a name for your Maintenance window and type it in here. Alert List(s)*:  (*required)  Select which Alert Lists this Maintenance Window will affect.  […]

Edit Alert List

Company:  The company or sub-company the list is available to. Name:  The name for your alert list. Confirmation Level:  Use this setting to choose how many of our regional monitoring nodes must agree/see a device down before sending an alert.  1 means any single monitoring node will send an alert, 2 means that at least 2 […]

Alert Lists TAB

This section allows you to create any number of alert lists, and maintenance windows. Each alert list can have a custom name and allows you to assign any number of your users to them. You can then assign your alert lists to different monitors in Load Balancing, Firewall, Acceleration and even Cloud DNS Failover. This […]

User Columns

Select which columns you’d like displayed in the Users table.  Categories listed on the left are columns that will appear in the table.  Categories on the right are columns that are available, but not selected to appear in the table.  To add a column, press the “+” beside the category name on the right-hand list.  […]

Search for a User

If you find yourself with many users and are challenged with locating a specific user to view, you can find it by using the “Search” button. Select the FIELD you’d like to search in the first box, HOW to search in the second box and enter the string you’d like to search FOR in the […]