Notable Network and Cloud Outages of 2021

There are hundreds of cloud and network provider outages every week, more than anyone ever realizes. To help convey the sheer volume of cloud provider and network provider outages, we’ve compiled this running post of the most notable ones in 2021 so far with a primary focus on North American providers, but coverage across the […]

Notable Cloud Outages of 2020

Periodically we talk to someone who says something along the lines of: “we don’t need Total Uptime since we moved to the cloud.” A most interesting statement that is simply the result of someone misinformed about the benefits and capabilities of cloud. Does the cloud provide incredible flexibility? Yes! Does it let you provision services […]

What Went Down in 2018

Despite whatever bad news you read in this article, we encourage you to remain positive. It’s just human nature to have a curious interest in the calamities of others. So if that’s what gives you your kicks, feel free to enjoy our 2nd annual dispatch on some of the most interesting outages of the past […]

Major CenturyLink Network Outage to Close 2018

We end the year with a major CenturyLink outage that started early Thursday morning for many and spread across the country, according to reports on Reddit, GeekWire and Newsweek affecting Internet, 911 services and other internet-dependent services like waves and VoIP. The outage also affected other providers who lease long haul connectivity from them, such […]

One Summer Street Data Center Fire

Data center outages are not at all uncommon, and because of that we don’t bring your attention to them on a regular basis. However, this writer has seen firsthand the “no expense spared” architecture at Boston’s One Summer Street, so when Markley Group’s impressive flagship data center – the largest colocation facility in New England with almost […]

Website Down? Understanding Why

“The website is down again!” That can be pretty frustrating. In the heat of the moment, most of us don’t really care why it is down — we just want back online. But the curious user may want to know more. What could make a web server unreachable? Why do they go down in the […]

Digital Realty / Telx Atlanta Power Outage

On July 12th a major power event occurred at the prominent carrier hotel at 56 Marietta Street responsible for network interconnections for a significant portion of the southeast including over 60 carriers and over 100 telecom providers. The incident occurred during planned power distribution upgrades and created quite a number of issues for both regional […]

Explosion in Downtown Los Angeles Disrupts Data Center Operations

On Thursday night August 20th, 2015, a blast occurred in the basement of 811 West Wilshire Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles taking out an on-site power station leaving 12 buildings in the area without utility power for much of Friday, as reported by ABC News and other sources. The outage significantly affected major network provider Level 3 […]

Apple Suffers $32 Million Dollar DNS Outage

Yes, even the biggest and best organizations can suffer tremendous losses due to something as simple as a DNS issue. Unless you are immersed in DNS and it is one of your core competencies, it is easy to make a mistake, and that may be what transpired at Apple. As reported at ars technica, CNBC and various other […]

Significant Cloud Outages of 2014

There is no question that the cloud is imperfect. Whether your business uses public, private or a hybrid cloud, outages happen all the time and are a part of life. At Total Uptime, we know this fact quite well, and that’s the primary reason we created our Cloud Networking solutions, such as our Cloud Load Balancer […]