Guess What? The Cloud Isn’t Perfect

A Mass Migration is Happening A few years ago, Gartner predicted that more than $1 trillion in IT spending would be directly impacted by the shift to cloud and that 25% of all software spending would shift to the cloud.  They stated that by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a […]

Does the Cloud Solve Problems?

There is something about that word cloud. We know that cloud is a catch-all term for the many services available on the internet. And there are particular benefits to be found in moving to the cloud, as we have previously discussed in this blog space. But the cloud is not some heavenly realm of digital […]

Controlling Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Abstract The only constant in information technology is change. Technical pioneers continue to come up with new ways of doing things. The latest developments in IT infrastructure, as demonstrated in industry studies, include an increased adoption of hybrid cloud computing. With that trend comes a greater need to find ways to control a widely distributed […]

Multicloud Adoption

There is plenty of evidence that businesses large and small are adopting a multicloud strategy. Case in point is a white paper produced by IDC entitled “Adopting Multicloud — A Fact-Based Blueprint for Reducing Enterprise Business Risks”. IDC is a global provider of market intelligence about IT and telecom. The report tells us that the […]

Surprising Cloud Adoption Trends

We all know that businesses are moving to the cloud. But how? Anyone who knows the basics of cloud technology is also aware that there are many approaches to the adoption of cloud technology. An enterprise can choose from public, private, or hybrid solutions. They can go with only one cloud provider or they can […]

Is Liquid Cooling Worth the Risk?

Water and computers don’t mix, right? So why would anybody want to try to cool computer equipment with water? Lots of reasons. But the first thing you think, of course, is this: “Will it leak?” Well, probably not — but we’ll get into that. You should know that water and computers are definitely not mutually […]

The Advantages of Software Defined Storage

Companies across the globe are rapidly undergoing a digital transformation covering every aspect of their respected organizations, especially the enterprise.  This macro process has pushed IT leaders to migrate applications and data to the cloud as well as software defining their own on premise infrastructures.  This is being accomplished by incorporating the technology triad of […]

Making a Case for Cloud and its Disruptive Benefits

In the 1970s, a new technology known as the internet was born in the engineering laboratory of one of the United States’ most famous schools and like most disruptive technologies, its birth was greeted with derision by many in the IT community. Known then as ARPANET which birthed the internet, a columnist for a prominent […]

What is The Cloud? A Technical Explanation

The Cloud – we hear that phrase thrown around a lot.  It is obviously a special place because nearly every company wants to go there, probably because we hear how wonderful everything works in the cloud.  Those who go there are promised a great deal of cost savings as well.  No wonder everyone is talking […]

Significant Growth Predicted for Hybrid Cloud

In a recent Computer World article, Technology Business Research shared their prediction for cloud growth in 2015. 33% growth rate for private cloud, 25% growth rate for public cloud and a whopping 50% growth rate for hybrid cloud all when compared to 2014 data. Allan Krans, an Analyst with the firm, stated “There are a lot […]