Significant Growth Predicted for Hybrid Cloud

In a recent Computer World article, Technology Business Research shared their prediction for cloud growth in 2015. 33% growth rate for private cloud, 25% growth rate for public cloud and a whopping 50% growth rate for hybrid cloud all when compared to 2014 data. Allan Krans, an Analyst with the firm, stated “There are a lot of enterprises and customers investing in their first pilot for hybrid deployments. You have a lot of customers who will be going from zero to something, so there’s a much bigger growth curve [for hybrid vs. public or private cloud].”

At Total Uptime, we’ve been giving Enterprises and Small Businesses alike the tools to implement cloud within their organizations for quite some time, making it both affordable and painless while allowing them to retain complete control.  Our Networking Solutions such as Cloud Load BalancingWeb Application Firewall and others give organizations the power to begin mixing traditional infrastructure with Cloud infrastructure, or private cloud with public cloud by moving the essential routing components to our highly redundant, global platform for complete control.

Don’t confuse us with other cloud providers, though, Total Uptime is not a cloud computing company. We specialize in cloud availability and security, at the network level and on a global scale. Our primary objective is to empower organizations by giving them the ability to decide where traffic goes with the capability to instantly change it within seconds. Whether it be a public facing website, an API, email servers, VoIP servers or anything in between, the power to protect infrastructure and route traffic to any data center, any traditional hosting provider, any cloud provider or otherwise in any part of the world is what we excel at. And we believe this power is the first step in a move towards cloud for any organization.

With Total Uptime’s networking solutions, organizations are no longer locked into a provider. For example, we can enable the unprecedented ability to deploy front-end servers with Amazon Web Services, a back-end database with Microsoft Azure and Exchange servers at a corporate headquarters. Nobody else can do that, and the truth is, if you can dream it, we can probably do it. All sites can be configured to back up another, and the decision where clients are routed to is within your complete control. We even provide the ability to automate failover and traffic redirection from one location to another, all in our network cloud without having to update DNS or change IP addresses.

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