Our Cloud is Different Than Yours

A day doesn’t go by where we are yet again annoyed with how flippant organizations are in using the word “cloud” for what appears to be a marketing hype. Take Western Digital and their My Cloud product for which I have seen many TV commercials as of late. It is simply a personal cloud storage device. What’s […]

What Should and Should Not be called Cloud?

We read a great article last month on wired.com called Top 5 Things The Cloud Is Not. It’s rare we see an article like this that helps define what should and should not be called ‘Cloud’, so when we do see something, we like to call attention to it. The author, Peder Ulander, clearly lists 5 […]

North American companies give cloud the most business

Here is an interesting article about cloud adoption that we thought you might like: IT market research firm Gartner says interest in data center services is high around the world, but the market structure, dynamics and maturity are quite varied. In North America, hosting (42 percent) and cloud IaaS have achieved the highest level of […]

Making Cloud Computing what it Should Be

I recently read an interesting article by InformationWeek detailing the Top 10 complaints about Cloud Computing by IT professionals.  This article brings to the forefront the fact that cost, security, and performance are still the main concerns in Cloud Computing. It also paints the picture of why our work in the space is so important and points […]