Making Cloud Computing what it Should Be

I recently read an interesting article by InformationWeek detailing the Top 10 complaints about Cloud Computing by IT professionals.  This article brings to the forefront the fact that cost, security, and performance are still the main concerns in Cloud Computing. It also paints the picture of why our work in the space is so important and points towards part of our mission at Total Uptime Technologies: to differentiate ourselves from those so-called Cloud Computing offerings that really have no “cloud” behind it at all.

In light of this article, we firmly believe the following:

1) Cloud Computing can certainly make sense from a cost perspective to ANY size organization.

2) Great control can be achieved even with a cloud infrastructure… in a much less complex manner (Central customer portal for all services).

3) The Cloud is secure and additional security layers can be added in order to satisfy the most stringent compliance and stipulations, i.e. financial, government, etc. One Example

4) The Cloud shouldn’t be synonymous with low performance. Cloud Computing done right delivers more power and performance than any traditional, single-site dedicated or managed hosting solution.

The final point is paramount for us. Efficient delivery of internet content and applications is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of many businesses’ success in their industries. Add to the mix the global nature of business today, and the need to both internally collaborate and interact with customers from anywhere becomes much more important. When an organization chooses cloud, they must be guaranteed better performance, better resiliency, better flexibility, total control and a global footprint.

How we’ve implemented our Cloud Computing is our best kept secret, and we would love to tell you more about it. Feel free to give us a call, or drop us an email!

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