Cloud Based Routing & Networking

One of Total Uptime’s largest assets is our global cloud platform, deployed in dozens of datacenters around the world with incredible cloud based routing capacity. This platform gives our customers the ability to control and route traffic between the client and the datacenter, in the middle of the Internet. As you can imagine, this provides a tremendous amount of power and control for customers that they probably never had before. Imagine your current scenario. When your primary datacenter goes down, there is little you can do. You can’t access any of your servers or devices. You sit helpless waiting for services to be restored. Perhaps you call the datacenter or ISP and beg and plead for updates, without success. Perhaps you go to the datacenter to make sure your infrastructure is okay, but with the network down or power out, there is little you can do but wait. This has happened to almost everyone in the IT industry at some point in their career.

You may have thought of ways to address various issues like this, but none are quick, easy, painless or affordable. Perhaps you could run a separate ISP line into the datacenter for network redundancy, but that still doesn’t solve the power issue. You could deploy infrastructure at a completely separate datacenter or colocation facility in another state, or across the world, but then how would you manage redirecting your clients quickly and easily? You could log into DNS to manually update A records to IP addresses of devices at the other datacenter, or you could obtain your own block of IP space and implement BGP at both sites so you can move the IPs back and forth during an outage. All of the above seems like an inefficient strategy for disaster mitigation, especially when under the stress of superiors or clients calling and complaining amidst it all.

Even though you might not be aware of it, Total Uptime probably has the solution you’ve been looking for – one that that provides complete control over routing in the cloud. When most people see our Cloud Load Balancer, they assume that it’s not for them because they don’t have a need for load balancing. But do you have a need for routing and networking in the cloud? Do you want the ability to redirect or route network traffic from one datacenter to another, or from one ISP to another without having to manually make any changes or perform any DNS updates? Do you want it to be seamless so the impact to your clients is extremely minimal, perhaps something they might not even notice? If you find yourself answering “yes” to any of these questions, our Cloud Load Balancer might be exactly what you need.

How does cloud based routing and networking work?

It’s a very simple concept, actually. And while the behind-the-scenes infrastructure is rather complex, our job is to extend the capabilities we’ve developed through a very easy-to-use web-based interface so our customers can increase availability and manage traffic routing with ease.

It all starts with a cloud IP address on our platform. That cloud IP address becomes your new customer-facing IP for all of the networking services you may subscribe to on our platform (we offer both IPv4 and IPv6). So instead of pointing directly to an IP at your datacenter, you would configure it to point to an IP on our cloud. That IP address is highly redundant and is deployed using Anycast in multiple cloud nodes simultaneously. This not only ensures availability by creating redundancy, but it also ensures performance because with all of our datacenters and large global footprint, one of them will be either close to your users, or close to your datacenters or both. Users will then connect to this IP address, and based on the availability and configuration of your devices or servers in our cloud management portal, we will route their traffic to the appropriate destination using the real IP address… the one you’re probably using today.

Based on any number of monitors you could configure to accurately detect the availability of your devices, when they go offline, our cloud platform detects this almost immediately. Within the time parameters you specify inside of the monitors, we route all traffic to your alternate location to continue delivering services to clients over our network. The beauty of this design is the simplicity. It truly is easy to build and manage all sorts of networking profiles within our cloud portal and easily deploy them to the Internet. Never mind the fact that it starts at $23.00 USD per month 🙂

For more information, visit our Cloud Load Balancing page or contact us for a demo or no-obligation 2-week evaluation!

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