Internet Outages Today?

If you heard or felt Internet outages today, it wasn’t just you. It seems many end-users were filing complaints on for a vast number of unrelated ISPs. From our global vantage point, we could see that the Internet of things was acting strange. There may have been a number of small unrelated events that contributed to […]

Network Solutions DNS Outage

If you’re landing on this page because you suspect a Network Solutions DNS outage today, you might be right. Probably best to check their official Twitter account to be sure. As soon as we have confirmation, we’ll post a note here. Sadly, the folks at Network Solutions have had a few DNS outages already in […]

GoDaddy DNS Outage

It seems GoDaddy had a very serious DNS issue affecting who knows how many customers around the globe for 4+ hours on Monday. CNN and other news sites report that it was an attack and WIRED discovered that GoDaddy even switched their domain to start using their competitor Verisign’s DNS service, which is an embarrassing move. We really don’t like seeing any of our competitors […]

AT&T Suffers DNS Outage

Ironically after writing a blog post earlier today commenting on how ISPs are not the best organization to handle DNS because it is not their core competency, AT&T suffered a significant DNS outage that affected many customers across the United States for many hours.  Network World has a few more details as does ComputerWorld. AT&T did not release […]