VoIP Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) planning is essential for active businesses. We’ve written a lot about it here on this blog. Usually it’s about internet services and websites and data services. But what happens if your phone system goes down? That can be a real disaster too. And it’s especially vulnerable now that many businesses have moved […]

Data Backup Is Not Optional

As with most information technologies, the concept of data backup is as deep as it is broad. That is to say, there are many dimensions and facets to the backup of data, and you can spend anywhere from a few days to a few months trying to get a handle on it. A definition is […]

Redundancy: When Too Much is Just Right

Redundancy is indispensable in the world of information technology. Of course, redundancy is not welcome in every aspect of life. If your company doesn’t need you anymore and makes you “redundant”, you’ll have to look for another job. Poorly written text may be credited to the Department of Redundancy Department. The concept of redundancy is […]

Why You Need Web Application and API Protection (WAAP)

One of the mantras for today’s enterprise could be, “living on the edge.”  With the proliferation of the cloud and the digital services and mobile apps that it hosts, today’s enterprise is all about the edge.  Chances are your company or organization has a web presence on the Internet thanks to Web 2.0, which gives […]

Cloud Service Level Agreement Expectations

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are essential in the IT business. IT managers should know what to expect from their service providers. You should fully understand any SLA before signing it – especially when it comes to uptime.  Let’s explore. SLA Overview Everyone who has been around IT support has heard of Service Level Agreements. As […]

Reroute or redirect IP traffic from one data center to another for disaster recovery

Many organizations have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan and have even implemented multi-data center redundancy with servers and other critical infrastructure at a separate location to that of their primary site. But the challenge every organization faces is how to easily and seamlessly redirect traffic from one site to another when disaster strikes. […]

IT DRP – What is your IT Disaster Recovery Plan for DNS?

When designing an IT DRP (Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan), businesses need to seriously consider the services that they offer internally and externally in order to determine which are the most important to the success of their organization. Rather than taking the approach of “everything must remain online”, which can be extremely costly and oftentimes […]