Internet Load Balancing and Failover for Multiple ISP Links

Controlling traffic is a key facet of internet management. Sometimes primary connections will go down. Or too much traffic may cause congested links or overwhelmed devices to become unusable. We wrote about the implementation of load balancing in the cloud in a 2017 blog post. When people think of load balancing, they usually think about traffic that […]

Multihomed ISP Link Availability Challenges

We talk to organizations every day looking to increase the availability of on-premise hosted applications using multihomed ISPs. The most common applications are Exchange and Remote Desktop, both essential components to ensuring workforce productivity for remote or offsite employees.  While managing outbound connectivity through more than one ISP is a breeze today since so many firewall vendors […]

VPN Load Balancing and Failover with two ISPs

A common SSL or IPSEC VPN configuration scenario is one like we’ve shown in the (simplistic) diagram below. A corporate office has two incoming ISP connections, each with their own range of IP addresses. Clients or sites have VPN connections to the corporate office to access back-office devices in the LAN. The problem arises when […]

Cloud-based DNS outperforms in-house systems, study shows

We came across an article today that was written almost a year ago in Computer World that we all found interesting (and affirming of what we do). A new vendor-sponsored study of the 1,000 biggest websites quantifies how much better third-party managed service providers are doing at operating DNS services across the Internet than enterprises that run […]