How to Combat Ransomware to Stay Online

Recently we discussed the heavy cost of ransomware, both in the form astronomical ransoms that have been paid recently as well as the cost of dealing with the aftermath of an attack.  When it comes to most serious cyberattacks, a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The truth is that in most […]

Why Ransomware is a Threat to Availability

According to the FBI, ransomware became a billion dollar industry in 2016.  That is right, $1 billion.  If ransomware were a legitimate industry, it would be the focus of case studies in every business school in the world as its growth is unprecedented.  This growth is attributed to four primary reasons. The amount of money […]

Downtime is no Longer Acceptable

If you went to and the site was unavailable, how long would it take for you to go to or elsewhere to find what you wanted?  On average, it’s less than 30 seconds; it used to be much longer, but our society has grown impatient.  If you’re not available when customers are looking […]

The Need for Increased Availability is Now

The 2nd half of another year is here once again and as usual, it gives us one more moment to reflect on our New Year goals, how far away we are from achieving them and a chance to develop new methods to meet them. But for analysts in the tech industry, this is a time […]