Is Tier IV Certification Worth It?

In a previous article about Uptime Institute, we talked about the different types of certification a company can obtain. Achieving tier certification from Uptime Institute can cost a lot of time and money, but it can be pretty important. According to Colocation America Corporation, “If you’re in the data center business and not familiar with […]

Data Center Power Reliability

In some respects, a load bank test of a data center is much like a road test of an automobile. Suppose you are in the market for a car, and you meet with a dealer or a private party to check out what they have to offer. You start it up, look under the hood, […]

Physical Access Control is Essential to Uptime

If you’ve ever made an in-person visit to your well-protected server or other device in a colocation facility or data center, then you know firsthand about security. The hand scanners, the thumbprint readers, the man-traps, the security guards, the metal cages — all the security features that make data centers feel like a secure prison. […]