Measuring Failure

If you are goal-oriented, you know how important it is to measure success. For network professionals, the goal is usually 99.999% availability. But despite all the counsel we’ve heard about focusing on the positive, sometimes we need to take a closer look at what negative things may affect us. For network management, there are several […]

How to Combat Ransomware to Stay Online

Recently we discussed the heavy cost of ransomware, both in the form astronomical ransoms that have been paid recently as well as the cost of dealing with the aftermath of an attack.  When it comes to most serious cyberattacks, a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The truth is that in most […]

Those Vulnerable 3rd-Party Web Services

Just when you think things are getting safer on the web, somebody comes up with a startling claim and spoils your party: “Our analysis paints a somewhat bleak situation on the state of modern web ecosystem.” That’s the conclusion of a 2016 study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University. The full title is worth noting: Oh, […]

CSRF and the Confused Deputy

Imagine that a smooth operator convinces Barney Fife — the famous sheriff’s deputy on TV — to unlock a Mayberry jail cell. Barney has the keys. He has the authority. He wants to do the right thing, but he’s easily confused and manipulated.  Your web browser has authority too.  It can do a lot of […]