Guess What? The Cloud Isn’t Perfect

A Mass Migration is Happening A few years ago, Gartner predicted that more than $1 trillion in IT spending would be directly impacted by the shift to cloud and that 25% of all software spending would shift to the cloud.  They stated that by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a […]

Does the Cloud Solve Problems?

There is something about that word cloud. We know that cloud is a catch-all term for the many services available on the internet. And there are particular benefits to be found in moving to the cloud, as we have previously discussed in this blog space. But the cloud is not some heavenly realm of digital […]

Surprising Cloud Adoption Trends

We all know that businesses are moving to the cloud. But how? Anyone who knows the basics of cloud technology is also aware that there are many approaches to the adoption of cloud technology. An enterprise can choose from public, private, or hybrid solutions. They can go with only one cloud provider or they can […]

Does the Cloud have a Layer 1 or Layer 2?

Your customer calls the hotline and reports an outage. Now what? Well, first we need more information. What’s down? When did it go down? Were there any changes that may have affected it? Have other customers reported outages that may be related? We can’t possibly cover all the issues here. So let’s consider a specific […]

Load Balancing Moves to the Cloud

Everyone in the IT business has heard of load balancing, but many don’t know much about it. Even technology professionals who are familiar with the concept may know little about how it works. A brief introduction to the subject of load balancing and its development will help to round out our IT education. Why Load […]

Does Convergence Impact Uptime?

One of the biggest trends in data center infrastructure is convergence. Actually it has been happening for some time. Equipment footprint has been getting smaller for years. Functions that used to be handled by huge dedicated machines are now accomplished by modular cards. Specialized servers, switches, routers, and other network devices have been combined into […]

Making a Case for Cloud and its Disruptive Benefits

In the 1970s, a new technology known as the internet was born in the engineering laboratory of one of the United States’ most famous schools and like most disruptive technologies, its birth was greeted with derision by many in the IT community. Known then as ARPANET which birthed the internet, a columnist for a prominent […]

What is The Cloud? A Technical Explanation

The Cloud – we hear that phrase thrown around a lot.  It is obviously a special place because nearly every company wants to go there, probably because we hear how wonderful everything works in the cloud.  Those who go there are promised a great deal of cost savings as well.  No wonder everyone is talking […]

5 Ways to Increase Application Availability

A service provider that offers software-as-a-service or another cloud-based solution should understand what customers are looking for and what compels those very customers to choose an off-premise, “cloud-based” solution vs. the more traditional on-premise, self-hosted solution. As a cloud service provider ourselves, we set out to understand how our customers went about choosing one service […]

8 uses for Cloud Load Balancing or Failover

As we talk to people during the week, we periodically make suggestions for using Cloud Load Balancing or Failover that are often met with surprise, such as “Oh, I didn’t know it could be used for that”. So we thought it might be helpful to compile a list of 8 potential uses. Of course, it […]